About Us

What’s the blog about?

All of the authors on this page are part of the Transnational Planning Stream in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Illinois at  UrbanaChampaign. We are a group of Masters and PhD students in urban planning who are interested in issues an the intersection of cities, inequality, and globalization.

This blog is written as part of an international planning course at the University of Illinois.  It is a place for us to reflect critically on what we have experienced, but also a place to ask questions. This blog contains the views of us as students and in no way reflects the views of the University or of DURP.

We would like to thank our mentor and teacher, Faranak Miraftab for guiding us through the process of understanding transnational issues.  We are grateful for her flexibility and desire for us to create a space to broadcast issues of transnational planning.

Please feel free to contact us via comment with your feedback, post suggestions, or even if you want to guest post!


How do you navigate?

We’ve categorized our posts based on different themes, so you can either click a theme of interest in the menu bar on top, or click on any one of our names on the menu to the right to see individual posts. All posts are listed in reverse chronological order.



Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn hashtag (never know when LinkedIn starts following the trend!): #transnationalplanning


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