What is your “hierarchy” of the excluded?

What is your “hierarchy” of the excluded?
A number of weeks ago, we were discussing what the different hierarchies of exclusion are.
For example, one group member said:
1) Economic (if you are poor there are fewer opportunities)
2) Gender
3) Race
While another said
1) Economic
2) Race
3) Gender

At that point, I brought up disability. We briefly discussed it, and then we went on to talk about gender. Why are disabilities not discussed in planning? I’ve done a fair amount of reading in the critical disability literature in the past few weeks, and I’m aware that these terms are very charged and this is not going to be the most nuanced piece (forgive me).

Why does this matter for planner?
Currently, there are many people who are unable to access spaces because they were made in a way which exclude them. The school I taught in while I was in Bulgaria was one of the top schools in the country, but a student in a wheel chair could not attend the school because there were no ramps. There was a ramp to one part of the school, but they could not access the computer lab or any of the science class rooms.

Thinking about those with disabilities is of particular importance to planners, as planners have the ability to set the codes for an area. Through these codes, mobility for individuals can be improved as they are able to access buildings that were once inaccessible to them. Planners have the ability to advocate for things like more sidewalks or even to push for better sidewalks, enabling those in wheelchairs to have greater mobility.




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