What if we were stripped of our citizenship?

Stumbled upon an article today on CNNLatinAmerica titled,

“Some Dominicans suddenly outsiders in their own country”

Dominican Protest

Dominicans of Haitian descent protest against a court ruling that could strip them of their citizenship (CNN.com)

To summarize, the Dominican government last month has decided to enforce and implement a law that will strip Dominican citizens, who are of illegal decent, of their citizenship. That is, Dominican born citizens whose parents were illegal in the country, many times if not always of Haitian nationality, will be stripped of their citizenship in the coming weeks/months.

As such, many of these citizens have begun to protest the decision. In the article, one woman of Haitian decent, Elena Lorac, says, “This measure affects us so much that we can’t do anything. This brings consequences such as not being able to work, not being able to study, to not realize the dreams that we have to get ahead in life.” 

So where does these tie into transnational planning and development?

The reason I found this interesting is because I began to wonder how these people would be affected in regards to development. I assume it is common knowledge these days to know that Dominican Republic is known for its amazing all inclusive resorts and beaches; catering to the tourist. This means that large amounts of money is being pumped into this industry. But what and who is forgotten in these efforts?

I suspect, that this new group of “marginalized” individuals will feel the brunt of the evermore intensified tourist-driven development, as well as being forgotten from the nation’s overall plan in regards to formal planning. You now have a whole sector of your population that is being stripped of the only document that keeps them connected to services and so forth. What will happen to these individuals? Will they be forgotten as the government allocates funds to capital investment projects? What services are they losing? What are the implications? How will this intensify income disparity in the Dominican Republic? The implications are endless…..

My initial assumption is that Dominican Republic shot themselves in the foot with this one. What are your thoughts?




One thought on “What if we were stripped of our citizenship?

  1. Perhaps this revocation of citizenship will create rooms for informalities. If so, it’ll be interesting to see what develops next in the Dominican Republic…

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