Urban Planning Tool Kit: Steps to Engage Communities

I am excited to announce that our team at Transnational Planning is working on creating a tool kit to provide specific tools which can be used in planning and development work.


We ask lots of questions on our blog, and asking those questions is really good and important!  As Edwin often says, “But what does that mean for me as a planner??? Let’s move from the head to the ground.”

In response to that, we are starting a tool kit, to provide specific examples, tools, and success stories revolving around community development/ transnational planning work.   What are specific tools (not ideas!) that we can use to not fall into some of the mindsets that we are writing about?   How can we not fall into the status-quo trap of development thinking?  What are tools that have been effective (or ineffective) at engaging communities while also taking:

  • Power
  • Economics
  • Disparity
  • Educational Attainment
  • Environmental factors

………………………………………………………………Into consideration?

These blog posts will move from the great and wonderful questions that we have been (and will keep) asking into the practical things that planners can do.   We would love feedback from practitioners, academics, development workers, planners….anyone on our ideas!  We have tried to make this information easily accessible, and all of these posts can be accessed by clicking the “Planning Tool Kit” tab on the menu.

Tool Kit Urban Planning

What are specific tools that you have found useful?  What are tools that you would like us to write about?


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