3 thoughts on “Please, Sir. I Want Some More…

  1. The issue with Capitalism is this notion of greed. Capitalism is the way we’ve been hardwired. It’s a daunting task to attempt to change that. We want more, point blank. Especially for those of us who come from nothing. Perhaps what needs to happen is a proactive approach to challenging the ideas of capitalism, neoliberalism, social equality, justice and start coming up with some actual intervention! Nothing against your post but the story telling approach of Capitalism and how it “ruined” the world, and the re-telling of that story a million times is doing nothing. Enough literature exists out there on this, time to address those gross polar opposites of the filthy rich and insanely poor. Enough posing of questions, we need answers!!!!

    • The link is that we tend to compare ourselves, or what we have, to one another. This is not a universal truth, to be certain, but I feel like it is definitely a strong actor in society. My point is that the competition that stems from these comparisons is what fuels our consumption and this ultimately warps our perception of what “growth” is since it seems to be tied to materialism. In Professor Greenlee’s class earlier we spoke a bit about this. Let’s say that City A wants to develop a piece of land but doesn’t have the means to afford it or it simply isn’t necessary; they don’t “need” it. Because City A is competing in City B, in that they’re trying to attract residents and jobs and businesses, etc, they might go ahead with that development anyway in order to keep themselves relevant. Our educational institutions do the same thing. The U of I competes with other schools for students for their programs and classes. So my point is that competitions, that stem from comparisons, drive that “growth” machine.

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